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CR 1 (CDep)
Reply "A trail of ...."
belgian chaos in the
vein of botch, 
CR 2 (CD)
Heaven shall burn
"in battle ..."
re-release of their first
MCD + DemoSongs
from 1996 and 1997
CR 3 (CD)
Narziss "Die Hoffnung
stirbt zuletzt"
belgian mosh
swedish melodies
german lyrics
CR 5 (CDep)
Narziss "hope dies"
new CDep of Narziss,
all lyrics now in english
CR 6 (CD)
Faust Again
"seizing our souls"
death metal in the vein
of "beyond the sixth
seal" and "the year of
our lord"
Click the CD Cover for mp3 files
Ok, soory that we did´nt inform you about a lot of news of the last week. We work hard for the new site and we hope that this masterpiece
will be readyin the next two weeks. There are a lot of news we like to tell you - be prepared for our new site!
However - we will leave for a short holiday our office from wednesday (04/16) to monday (04/21). Please do not order anything in this time!
First and short update for march:
Pole*: Check their interview at
Narziss: We´ve added some merch from Narziss - don´t hesitate to use our little store!
New signing:
Pole* from Karlsruhe joined the CircleForce! After a long time of silence they are back - the K´HE HARDCORE ENGINE - we will release
their new Album in june - be prepared for the reincarnation of NEW SCHOOL HARDCORE!!! Check our service center for more information
and a mp3 file.
Faust Again: Their new album will come one month earlier - it will be out around the middle of april.
Narziss: Finally we got the repress of their Album "Die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt". Don´t hesitate to order your copy now!

other Circulation news:
We have printed some nice shirts with our new logo. If you like to get one for you - order it right now!
At the end of june we will bring you the first Circulation Label Compilation. It will be a free Compilation with songs from all our releases
and some songs from Non-Circulation-Bands.
And last but not least - we´ve added some shows!
New signing:
Faust Again from Poland joined the CircleForce! There music could be placed between Beyond The Sixth Seal and The Year Of Our Lord
We will release their debut CD named "seizing our souls" in may 2003! To get more information and a new mp3 file from Faust Again 
please visit our service-center! 

After the Narziss Album "Die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt" was sold out we did a repress. From february 24th you could start to order it again.
First update for february: 
- We created a little shop - now you can order our stuff with a "click"!! 
- New shows added
We´ve added some features, because it needs some more time to create our new home. Now you´ll find all very important informations
about us.
The Heaven shall burn re-release "in battle ..." and the Narziss CD "Die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt" are sold out. We will repress both 
releases in the next two month. Please do not order this CDs in the next time!
We are proud to announce that all kids from the U.S. can order now our stuff also from Stickfigure and Life Sentence!
Preorder the new Narziss CDep "hope dies" + Sticker + Poster + postage for 7,00 Euro!!! (free postage only in Germnay, 8,00 Euro
for the whole pack to somewhere in Europe) This offer is only valid from january 20th to january 27th!!!
We´ve added a mp3 file from the new Narziss CDep "hope dies". 
Narziss finished their recording session and finally we got the MasterCD. Its a killer and the two new songs are real heavy metal. We will
add a mp3 file soon. The Confronto CDep "a insuerricao" will be out around march. They will touring Europe this summer, stay tuned for 
more information about that!!!
We´ve added some pics from narziss at their show from january 4th in Berlin. Please use the following link! <narziss-pics>
Narziss are into the studio this week to record 2 new songs for the upcoming CDep and the new songs are really kick ass!!!
Ok, that was 2002. We wish all of you a happy new year without any war!!! 
All those who want to come to Saalfeld Silvesterparty drive carefully please! We get a lot of snow last night here in 
the middle of Germany! 
Releasedate for the new Narziss CDep "hope dies" will be january 27th! Be prepared for something really new from Narziss!
After a long time without any news files,we are back with really good news: Narziss will release a new CDep here on Circulation The 
CDep contains two new songs and three songs from their CD "Die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt" All songs on this CDep are in English 
Language and with their new singer Rayk Sommer. Don´t miss them in December at one of their shows!
Faust Again
05/01/03 Katowice  with Angelreich.
05/02/03 Kraków with Angelreich.
05/03/03 Nowy Sacz with Angelreich.
05/04/03 Rzeszów with Angelreich. Narziss 03/28/03 Braunschweig @B58 04/04/03 Leisnig @ AJZ with Fall of Serenity 04/30/03 Magdeburg @ Club "Factory" with Fifty50, Ambrosia 06/07/03 Forst Germany -- Festival 06/08/03 Chemnitz Germany @ Talschock -- Festival 06/20/03 Prag Czech Republic 06/21/03 Leisnig Germany --- Festival Pole* 04/26/03 Offenburg Germany @ kessel with Crazy Candydates 05/02/03 Landau Germany tba with tubesuckers 05/28/03 Durmersheim Germany @lamm with the revolvers, the shocks, no comply ***presented by OX-fanzine**** Reply 03/15/03 Luxemburg Liberation day fest with tons of bands somewhere